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Playing with Photos

Playing with Photos

One of things I enjoy most is editing photos. It's not that I'm the best editor in the world - I wish - it's just that it's a real opportunity to turn a dull, lifeless photo into something eye catching, creative and truly interesting. Having said this, I am not a big fan of HDR effects. I don't really like the over-saturated look that this type of photography or editing results in. The world really isn't always gorgeous or hyper-colourful so why make out it is. You see these types of images everywhere, especially on facebook in photography groups. Personally, I'd rather have a grainy, dark and sombre image if this is what the photographer really saw. True, the ability to turn a dowdy, lifeless photo into a work of art is pretty cool but every photo!!

My take on editing is simple. Tweek the various settings to achieve what you really saw rather than what you wish you had seen. As an example, this photo of Annie, one of my dearest friends, taken recently in Dartmouth just captured the moment. I've hardly tweaked this because I don't really think it needs it. This image is about the person, about the location and about the moment. It achieves all three things effortlessly and for this, it's one of my favourite photos.

Here's another favourite, this time a candid shot taken in the moment over a cup of coffee. I was actually framing the harbour when the waitress delievered coffee to another table. I just focused and hit the shutter button and it wasn't until I looked at all my photos later that I realised what a good photo it was. 

Finally, sometimes you get a so so shot that you simply have to play around with. This photo, taken using the Vivitar Macro Lens I mentioned in the previous blog, captured a good image of my wife which to be fair, lacked the quality of other images I have taken of her. Not detered, I decided to play around with the image to see what I could do with it. The result is shown below. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I really like it and yes, it is more abstract than photo but photography is an art form, and just like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. 

And for those wondering about the image at the top!! I simply took a photo of some action on the TV. I was playing around with shutter speeds and being lazy, I needed a moving image to practice on and since I was watching a re-run of Sharpe (from the 1980's I'd guess), I captured this frame during an on-screen battle. I think the shutter speed was about 1/4 second. I took it using my trusty Lumix GX-80. 


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